Our mission is to educate the public about the California Juneteenth National Freedom Day Observance, celebrated every third Saturday in June, and about the significance of‚ “Juneteenth” (June 19th, 1865) in American history.

Our motto, Perfecting Unity, represents our belief in Juneteenth as a means to celebrate the gift of Liberty, build on our shared values, respect our differences and teach generations of Americans not only to accept our diverse heritage, but to also embrace it. As people come together in the celebration of cultural heritage, we seek to provide the opportunity for minorities to advance themselves, in the areas of arts, business, education, careers, health & wellness, socioeconomics and sustainability.

Ultimately, our programs instill self-empowerment, cultural pride, and knowledge to improve lives and foster community involvement, building healthy communities and addressing issues involving crime, poverty and literacy.

Working with elected officials, dignitaries, organizations, community leaders, small businesses and corporations, we outreach and connect to the public through community service, programs and special events.

Board of Directors


John H. Thompson, Sr.

Co-Founder/ Chief Executive Officer


John H. Thompson, Sr. co-founded Juneteenth America, Inc. in 1995. He also serves as Vice Chairman for the National Juneteenth Observance Foundation (NJOF), an organization that advocates for state recognitions of Juneteenth to see the historical event become a national holiday.

Trudy Coleman


Trudy Coleman co-founded Juneteenth America, Inc. and established the organization under her leadership as President for over 7 years. She was presented with California State Resolution on the capitol floor in 2002 for her work and accomplishments with the organization alongside co-founder John H. Thompson, Sr.  Coleman later founded Juneteenth Education Technology Mobile Arts Center (J.E.T.M.A.C.) in which she currently runs Juneteenth America, Inc.’s former flagship events: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Tribute and the Emancipation Proclamation Awards Dinner.


In memoriam

Ann C. Welch

Hank Ford, Nu Boss Laboratories

Nell Soto, former California Legislator

Thank you

Many individuals, including those mentioned in memoriam, dedicated much to the success of Juneteenth America, Inc. and its impact on establishing the California Juneteenth National Freedom Day Observance.

Board members played a significant role in leading and executing duties for the organization, but there are countless volunteers, professionals and family members that were dedicated to vision and mission of the organization. We thank you, as your contributions are recognized and treasured.

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